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Frequently Asked Questions

Most answers to party questions can be found in our children's party page, but below are a few other questions that pop up!

Do you supply party bags?

Yes we do, included in the price regardless of number of guests (unless you plan on inviting hundreds!) Each bag contains a sticker, colouring sheet, lolly and a mini bag of sweets. Each guest will also receive a K.O. Balloon on a stick to take home!

Is there a limit on the number of guests I can invite?

The only thing that we suggest is to invite a suitable number of people for the venue you have booked. Too many guests in a small room gets a bit cramped.

What do you do at an Adult Party night?

Before you get too excited! Nothing adult in 'that' way. It's purely a night of entertainment without worrying about the children. We don't care where you put them just don't bring 'em along! For more info follow the links!

How long have you been doing entertainment?

K.O. Entertainment has been about since 2004 but Kate and Oliver have been entertainers a lot longer. To read a longer history check out this.

Are you married?

Yes we are! We tied the knot on Saturday 14th July 2007! Due to the number of people asking this question we have added pictures from our day to the gallery!


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